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(Flint MI) A neuropathy treatment breakthrough is being pioneered at the NBO Medical Centers founded by Dr. Paul De Weese, a long time Michigan emergency room physician. The new front line of defense for treating peripheral neuropathy offers new hope for a return to normalcy for thousands affected by the condition. Peripheral neuropathy is a condition of nerve damage to the peripheral nervous system which may be caused by disease or trauma. Symptoms, depending on the nerves affected, may include burning, difficulty with balance, pain, numbness, twitching and even sensitivity to touch. The most common forms affect the feet and legs and can leave its victims severely hampered in life functions.

  In a recent interview on Michigan Business Biography, sponsored by Industry Visions, Dr. Paul DeWeese discussed the new treatment options being offered at NBO Clinics. “Being a hospital emergency room physician for over 25 years, you are helping people with pain. In the hospital we can prescribe medications for temporary relief, but when the diagnosis is peripheral neuropathy, the answer was always, ‘you have to learn to live with it.’ As a doctor I hated that answer and began to research other alternatives. New research suggested that the damaged nerves with neuropathy could actually heal if we could reconstitute proper nerve function. 
​Dr. Paul DeWeese discusses the new treatment options being offered at NBO Clinics.
When the nerves are damaged they are in a frenzied state of dysfunction. This causes them to send abnormal signals to the brain. By combining a nerve block with medicine and electrical stimulation the nerves are depolarized and enter a state of rest. Our results demonstrate that the rest period mends the nerves and permits them to heal. We are excited about this new neuropathy treatment breakthrough.”

After receiving 2 treatments per week in an 8 week period patients noticed a dramatic reduction of pain and discomfort and in many cases their pain disappeared. Patients experience long term relief of their symptoms and they do not need to return for additional treatments. The other good news for patients is, NBO clinical services are covered by most health insurances and Medicare as well. NBO Medical Centers are now open in select Michigan cities as well as Florida. 

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