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Michigan Business Biography is a television news presentation that provides an up-close and personal look at Michigan entrepreneurs who have developed business of all sizes and their secrets of success in following their dreams.
C.A.R.S. - Complete Auto Repair Service in Lapeer, Michigan

Allyn Mark is a national broad-cast personality who hosts Michigan Business Biography. His broadcasting credentials cover more than 30 years of broadcast experience in radio and television news. His warm and upclose personal interview style enhances the stories of the Michigan entrepreneurs he features on his CBS Morning News in Detroit interviews.

Allyn Mark interviews Dr. Wilson about Sleep Apnea at his Cambridge Dental Group in Dearborn, Michigan 
 “Aeroplane Angel” based on the true life story of Harriet Quimby, Americas first licensed Woman Pilot. 
Prompt Industrial Hoist Customer Service Award At Harrington Hoists, Inc.
The spark resistant hoist is introduced by Bret Lussow, VP of Business Development for Harrington Hoists, Inc.
RPU (Rhino Protection Unit) by Harrington Hoists, Inc. 
Black Mold A Growing Danger - Allyn Mark of Michigan Business Biography on CBS 62 Reports.
Adaptive Environments, a local in-home mobility products company, appears on Michigan Business Biography on CBS 62 Morning News in Detroit.
Derek Novak of Adaptive Environments appears in CBS 62 television commercial explaining their no obligation measurement and $200.00 savings.