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(Manheim, PA) Customer service has always been a cornerstone of pride at Harrington Hoists, Inc. and is a major factor in the company’s industrial hoist manufacturing success and growth. Carlo Lonardi, COO of Harrington Hoists, Inc. recently spoke to Industry Visions Industrial News, commenting on the company’s customer service philosophy; “We have changed the U.S. marketplace by being completely focused on our customers’ real needs and that is truly different than any other hoist company. We are all accessible to our customers no matter what position we hold in the organization. In an age of ‘people disconnect’ Harrington has led the way in reversing the trend.”

Hope Arment leads Harrington’s Customer Service department. “Our job is to be the voice of the customer within Harrington, getting them what they want, when they need it. That means from the very first call made by a customer, until the hoist is delivered in the field, our customers are in contact with real people - in real time - with real results.
 We call this ‘going the extra mile’ and it is simply delivering more and better service than customers expect. We have different personalities within our department that allows us to serve our customers the way they want to be served whether it is technical, brief and efficient, or by incorporating a more personalized social conversation. It is with that kind of flexibility in service that we have solidified business relationships with our valued customers,” said Arment.  

Technical service is another aspect of pride at Harrington Hoists, Inc. Joe Zikmund, Technical Sales Representative commented, “I handle many of the technical inquires that constantly stream into the office on crane related projects. Whether it’s discussing a simple set of push end trucks, to complete crane systems, my work usually requires getting engineers, designers or installers involved in the conversation. We may be asked to help companies integrate our systems into their manufacturing processes. Many of our inquiries involve specialty builds from the ground up using Harrington products. I’m proud to coordinate the systems and information to help our customers get the job done.” 

Harrington prides itself with a knowledgeable, well trained staff. Representatives are available at both the Manheim, PA and Corona, CA facilities offering extended coverage anywhere in the country. “When the phone rings, we answer. From the moment you dial Harrington a live voice will greet you. We will never automate this process,” commented Arment.  

Harrington Hoists, Inc. is a KITO Group Company located in Manheim PA, Elizabethtown PA, and Corona CA and is a leading supplier and manufacturer of electric, air and manual hoists and overhead cranes. Harrington also distributes hoist products in South America under the KITO brand.  

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