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​Australian Manual Physical Therapy: Utilizing the Incredible Logic of the Human Body to Promote Healing, WVSN Reports on Michigan Health Care News
(Royal Oak, MI) Australian Manual Physical Therapy has an innovative approach to physical therapy brought to Michigan by noted Australian therapist, Angus Williams. The Australian method is internationally recognized for its high levels of success and was pioneered by G.D. Maitland, amongst others, of Australia in the early 1970’s. The approach provides a framework for the evaluation and treatment of neuromuscular and skeletal disorders that can be caused from traumatic or postural dysfunction. Differing from mainstream physical therapy, the Australian therapist functions at the expertise level of a specialist, using age old scientific principals coupled with modern day research to clinically identify the cause of physical problems. 
In a recent appearance on “A Wider World,” a program about disabilities, now in its 14th year on PBS, Angus Williams of Australian Manual Physical Therapy spoke of his passion for healing and service to his patients. “My work involves the disabilities millions of people encounter in their everyday lives,” said Williams. “By the time patients arrive here they already have a level of fear and anxiety about their condition. Fear sets up an adversarial relationship with their own bodies; they make statements like, ‘my back won’t let me golf anymore,’ or ‘my neck is keeping me from the exercise I want to do.’ In most cases, they don’t know what their bodies are asking for. 
Angus Williams of Australian Manual Physical Therapy of Royal Oak Michigan discusses the benefits his internationally recognized therapy. 
My technique involves listening to what their bodies are telling me as I perform some simple physical tests. My core philosophy is that every person who comes here has a problem that has a solution. My experience is that more than 80% of the most problematic backs have tremendous room for improvement; my job is simply to root out the source of the problem and remove the impediments that are blocking the pathway to natural health.”
During the interview, several patients spoke of their remarkable progress from the Australian method of treatment. One young model and aspiring actress, who experienced a serious neck injury and was unable to drive or sit, experienced a 90 percent correction in her posture after her first visit. She said, “I was so thankful; this was the first time in months I could stand straight and take a deep breath without pain. Finally my career was back on track and the pain was gone!”
Another middle aged man spoke of severe injuries from a rear end collision that was totally corrected from the Australian Physical Therapy administered by Angus Williams.  
  Operating at the expertise level of specialists, Australian Manual Physical Therapy is now in the Detroit area and accepting new patients. 

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